50-pin Ultra SCSI-to-IDE Bridge


•  On-chip high speed ACARD RISC micro-controller

•  A general purpose SCSI-to-IDE device converter

• Higher system I/O performance

• Creates new SCSI devices in economic cost Specifications

•  ACARD SCSI-to-IDE Bridge Controller

•  Ultra SCSI interface for up to 20MB/sec data transfer rate

•  Supports ATAPI Devices

•  Cross-platform operation supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Windows Server2003, Linux

•  On-board flash ROM for easy firmware upgrade

•  Selectable SCSI ID from 0 to 7

•  Dimension: 12cm x 3.5cmx2.4cm(LxWxH)

•  Supports full Ultra SCSI interface