Beginning with IC distribution

EXIN International Corp., was founded in September 1995. We distributed electronic components for automotive and consumer electronic applications. Product lines including  car sirens encoder, decoder IC, as well as Siren, RF module solutions.  Markets ranging  from U.S.A., Korea, Taiwan, China to southeast Asian countries.  We dedicate to continue developing the state-of-art technologies for the multiple application dependent projects.

Extend to manufacturing

From 2019, EXIN stepped into computer industry. By cooperate with ACARD Technology Corp.,  we established our own Data Storage Division. Accordingly, manufacturing, logistic, and service system was built.  EXIN now is able to supply and service our clients.  This transformation make EXIN a SCSI storage solution providers in the world. 

A branding company 

EXIN had its brand –   from 2019.  Own-brand products is a commitment to customers.   EXIN will make an effort to keep good performance by providing quality products and professional services to customers in the long term.