Product Name Description Type
DJ3004 Spec. DJ3004 is designed for driving EL on watch‘s back light. Single choke be used, and 1 diode, 2 transistors and 1 resister are necessary. DJ3004 support 2 pins–op1,op2 to select EL drive frequency. DICE
DJ3009 Spec. 20 cm2 Middle Size EL Back Light Driver With Frequency Adjustable and Delay. DICE  SOP-8 
DJ3022 Spec. DJ3022 is large size EL drive IC,The operating voltage is 1.5V ~ 5V. SOP-14
DJ3025V2Spec. 10 cm2 Middle Size Single EL Driver IC, Flash or backlight. DICE    SOP-16
DJ3113SSpec. DJ3113 is designed for driving EL on product‘s back light. The operating voltage is DC 1.5V and 3V . Single choke be used, and 1 diode and 2 transistors are necessary. DJ3113 supply a positive trigger pin.(non-retriggerable) Build-in delay time is about 3 sec. DICE