Environmental Policy

Conflict Minerals

EXIN International Corporation is taking and will take due diligence within our supply chain to assure “ DRC Conflict-Free ” for the metals of gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), cobalt(Co) and tin (Sn) are not derived from or sourced from mines in conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), or illegally taxed on trade routes, either of which are controlled by non-governmental military groups, or unlawful military factions. Trade routes not confirmed to be “ Conflict Free ” include direct exports from the DRC, as well as exports through Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya (countries of whom the U.N. Security Council note are global export routes for DRC-mined minerals). We would like to confirm metals used in Products sold to EXIN International Corporation are “ DRC Conflict-Free ” .

Non-use Hazardous Substances


EXIN International Corp. hereby declares that the indicated products (please see the appendix) manufactured using Lead-free (PB-free) technology are fully compliant with RoHS, the EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU, with 2015/863 Amendment. The products delivered worldwide from EXIN will be mainly Lead-free products which do not contain the hazardous substances, including [1] the materials used for parts to be sold to your company; [2] the packaging materials’ and [3] the other substances used in manufacturing processes.


Under the definition of the REACH regulations, EXIN Technologies is a producer of “articles”. REACH requires article suppliers to inform recipients if an article contains a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) in excess of 0.1% by weight. The
EU announced on June, 2020 an updated list of the candidate 209 SVHC chemicals. The list can be found at:


Based on the material content certifications provided by EXIN’s suppliers, none of these substances are present in the materials we use in our products, including packing and shipping materials. Therefore, non of EXIN products in appendix contains any of these SVHC in excess of 0.1% by weight.