The Global Leading SCSI Bridge Provider

ACARD SCSI Bridge have long been at the leading position in worldwide market. Since 1999, the 1st generation of SCSI Bridge was born. This new invention combined high-performance SCSI and low-cost IDE technology quickly become business favorite solution for storage system extension. A new term “SCSIDE”, means data transfer between SCSI and IDE, are generated to call this technology. Later, the 2nd generation of SCSI Bridge was launched. With better SCSI Ultra320 and newer SATA devices supports, ensure this products to satisfy the demand of legacy equipment.

In past twenty years, there are several hundred thousand units were used in various industries. ACARD SCSI Bridge successfully built its reputation by proof of stability, reliability, and quality. It is the best storage solution for industrial equipment, i.e. air craft, IC fabrication, medical facility, or telecommunications equipment.