What is SCSI Bridge?

ACARD SCSI-to-IDE/SATA Bridge is an innovation completely meeting the market demand. It is cost-effective, high-performance, and can enhance any system operation. The core chip SCSIDE engine is created with an advanced technology, which integrated a SCSI core, an IDE core, and a CPU core on one chip. The so called SOC (System On Chip ) technology is a perfect SCSI-to-IDE solution for cross-platform operation. A SATA core integrate with SCSIDE engine to create a SCSI-to-SATA bridge. By this SCSI-to-IDE/SATA Bridge users can easily connect IDE or SATA devices to a SCSI host adapter without changing any hardware or software. The SCSI Bridge can transform SCSI commands and/or data in a low cost basis to make a system perform pretty well. Besides, the SCSI host adapter can lessen CPU utilization.